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We help visionaries grow with secure and resilient technology solutions.


Imagine the future

From artificial intelligence to quantum computing, we are in the midst of an unparalleled period of innovation. These next-generation technologies will transform society and ultimately impact every facet of our lives. At PJUX, we are imagining a future where these tools can be harnessed for meaningful collective benefit.

Our approach sparks creativity through human-centered design to unlock radical possibilities. This thinking informs our methods and allows us to rapidly design prototype solutions that we can test and refine through our iterative development process.

In persuit of our vision

To create sustainable technology solutions that make magic.


Rooted in our values

PJUX is built on a commitment to improve the lives of ordinary people and positively impact society. These are the values that guide our decisions and are the foundation for our success:

  • Justice
  • Community
  • Equity
  • Creativity
  • Joy
  • Earth First

Our services drive results


  • Websites & Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • E-commerce
  • Online Learning
  • Community Portals


  • Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Interactive Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Voice Over


  • Video Editing
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Audio Engineering
  • Sound Design
  • AV Installations

Some of our clients

About the Founder & CEO

PJ Urquilla (he/him) is an entrepreneur, web developer and creative. He launched PJUX in 2018 to help visionary leaders and entrepreneurs grow and scale their online presence. He has over two decades of experience as a digital strategist, UX philosopher and front-end developer. In his career, he has worked with artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits & government agencies to deliver technology products that create impact.

When he’s not helping other people manifest their dreams, PJ enjoys riding a bike, playing bass guitar and skateboarding. He lives with his wife, son and their dog in unceded Piscataway territory in what is now known as Prince George’s County Maryland.


Client Testimonials

"PJUX’s service quality and working strategy from content to code we’ve found to be extremely reliable, creatively collaborative, and resilient in flexibility."

Lynda Seward
Chief Operating Officer
The Chisholm Legacy Project

"The experience of working with PJUX went far beyond just working with a standard website developer. Not only did they create an incredible site— they also provided insights that helped my company evolve and grow across the board."

Carlton Hargro
Editor in Chief/Co-Publisher
Slo*Mo Media

We began working with PJUX during the pandemic to guide us in the unchartered waters of increasing our social media footprint so that our customers could still find us and receive support. The team worked closely with us to redefine our audience and create spaces where we could interact, connect and most importantly, pull people through so they could receive the services requested. Along the way, we learned several important lessons that have allowed us to avoid pitfalls and have shaped the way we move forward. We are very grateful to have worked with PJUX and would absolutely engage them again!"

Anne Wiseman, LCPC
Deputy Director (Former)
Heart to Hand

"PJUX is my go-to when I need online development and UX and UI solutions. I rely on them for all my e-commerce and interactive exhibit needs."

Cory Stowers
Executive Director
DC Murals

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