For Immediate Release: December 19, 2022 announces focus on quantum computing and advanced research programs

The company's new direction will support the development of technologies for the benefit of humanity


Hyattsville, Maryland — LLC today announced the company's plans to shift their focus to quantum computing and advanced research in experimental fields of human-computer interaction.

"As we enter our sixth year in business, it is important to reflect on our success but also embark on a bold, ambitious plan for future growth. Since 2018, we have focused on the development of our 7JUXIO technology while providing technical consulting services using open-source software to a select group of NGOs, government agencies and small business owners. We've seen exciting results in our work and now recognize the opportunity to help pioneer new solutions in the quantum computing realm," said PJ Urquilla, founder and Chief Executive officer

Recent experiments with the company's 7JUXIO platform have demonstrated promise in the advancement of human-computer interaction, and a pilot deployment of the software in support of the climate justice movement has produced encouraging results. A shift from classical computing to quantum computing will allow the company to develop new solutions and advance their existing technology.

"As we observed during our first half-decade of operations, we have the power to create the future we wish to experience. With that realization firmly embedded in our corporate ethos, it is imperative that we choose to be deliberate and actualize a radical vision that supports not only our bottom line, but the future of life on planet Earth. I fundamentally believe that quantum computing will help solve many of humanity's most challenging problems, and look forward to being a part of this revolution," said Urquilla.

In the coming weeks, PJUX will announce plans for hiring, training, as well as the launch of a podcast called "Getting Quantum," which will seek to educate the public about the future of quantum computing and its application to real-world challenges.


About, LLC is a privately-held Maryland-based technology company with a focus on quantum computing and human-computer interaction.